2.0 What Is INERY?

Data, in the midst of a revolution, remains the most valuable as well as the most vulnerable asset today. While multi-cloud database platforms have started to replace the centralized architecture for database management, security and authenticity of information still remain a concern. The conventional dynamics for database management face drawbacks such as data manipulation, poor privacy, vulnerability to thefts due to centralized architecture, and unethical practices deployed by tech monopolies.

Inery believes that database properties, when integrated with blockchain functionalities, can disrupt the fundamentals of database management. With the technology’s immutable, tamper-proof and decentralized characteristics, blockchain is uniquely positioned to unlock the unprecedented value of data, activating an upgradeable way to access, share and distribute data. This promotes a trusted foundation of database management for individuals and businesses, boosting the authenticity and accountability of information.

The Inery ecosystem comprises a blockchain network architecture integrated with features that enable Inery blockchain to harness the power of the technology. The open-source blockchain platforms facilitating decentralized applications have suffered from setbacks such as energy inefficiency, poor interoperability between different networks, limited performance, and immature governance mechanisms. Inery’s blockchain architecture is designed with key functionalities that address all these concerns.

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