Cross-chain data management

IneryDB's cross-chain architecture allows data and transaction interoperability between different networks without any compromise on efficiency, decentralization, feature sets, and security. This can improve chain efficiency, minimize division, and enable users and data to flow freely across multiple chains.

The cross-chain data management solution will be fundamental to support the next-gen innovations like the metaverse ecosystem. Developers can create and run metaverse DApps on the Inery blockchain. Unlike metaverse DApp data hosted on frontend websites which can be pulled off by developers, data deployed on Inery blockchain is stored on multiple distributed nodes.

Users never lose data when IneryDB is used to extract because the information comes from a decentralized and distributed network rather than a website. Users can freely move their data assets from one metaverse DApp to another since data is always pulled from IneryDB and not a centralized server.

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