IneryDB as DBaaS

IneryDB comes as a Database as a Service (DbaaS) provider, and it enables its features in a specific way to all enterprises and developers that comes with all the power of Inery blockchain. In the form of enabling users to set up, operate and scale databases using a common set of abstractions and powerful GUI, IneryDB comes with certain advantages in terms of setup of the database. With IneryDB, the time required to set up a database can be reduced from weeks to minutes, providing all the speed of GUI database setup, with value contract generation service on Inery blockchain.

Users exert complete control of their data, offering a small amount of control to the blockchain itself, without interaction of any outside sources, but a decentralized form of handling data. At the same time, even though users themselves have limited visibility into backend processes of Inery blockchain itself, excluding block creation and transaction formation, any user will be able to add additional functionality to their database contract manually. This gives users and enterprises additional flexibility and a possibility of adding additional security layers to the already high degree of security Inery blockchain’s decentralized structure and encryption provide.

With this cross-breed structure of IneryDB offering a “as a service” model, it allows a great platform for both enterprises and businesses, as well as developers and programmers, through its high usability in development also. IneryDB pertains to its simplicity that caters to all spheres of database management needs and thus it is a specific model with fixed cost providing a cost-effective, flexible and predictable model for businesses. It comes with a speed in terms of making itself available as a software, but also defining other features that provide security and operability. Similarities here with the cloud model of service are direct, but here enterprises gain the advantage of on-premises computing resources with the addition of resources blockchain provides. Here, IneryDB assures as well that there is a possibility of refining strategies and reliance on the IneryDB for management and maintenance of the blockchain structure. All of this allows for a better scalability in accordance with the workload, assuring aforementioned flexibility of planning and development.

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