Key Functionalities Of Inery

The three key features that enable solutions to the conventional blockchains include cross-chain compatibility that allows blockchains to interoperate without compromises on security, environmentally sustainable architecture that will serve as a frontier for other networks and a governance mechanism that allows the network to upgrade and scale.

1. Cross-chain compatibility

While open-source platforms have inspired the development of decentralized applications, it has also highlighted issues of lack of interoperability between different chains. Inery promotes cross-chain compatibility to allow interoperability between different chains without compromising security. This architecture solves many problems that blockchain networks face today. Inery also serves as a frontier by being the first-ever database management solution encompassing cross-chain compatibility between different chains.

2. Environmentally Sustainable

Unlike the conventional blockchain networks, Inery does not require high energy to increase performance and enable faster outputs. The platform is designed to scale with minimal energy requirements making it eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable.

The combination of sustainability and scalability helps Inery achieve the high throughput required to meet the evolving demands for deploying applications in various industries.

3. Governed by DAO

While public blockchain networks use governance systems to coordinate for upgrades, it is usually a slow process. In Inery, validators can vote on proposals and amendments that allow the network to upgrade and scale.

The DAO governance ensures cohesion and decentralization amongst stakeholders allowing cleaner and quicker resolutions as well as upgrades.

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