7.0 Use Cases

The high-performance capabilities and unparalleled security allow Inery to support a wide range of use-cases in different industries.

Enterprises and Governments

Inery’s blockchain provides a layer of trust by enabling immutability in data assets. The database management solution provides compliance and security to assets like digital identities and land registry records along with ensuring transparency and security in their operations. The accountability of information and visibility reduces loopholes to engage in fraudulent activities.
The design framework further allows enterprises to handle high-scale data assets and manage credentials on a secure network. The decentralized blockchain layers facilitate access, share, and distribution of data assets.


Inery aids healthcare verticals to securely manage patient’s data, track and trace drugs to avoid counterfeit activities, interoperability of data between different verticals and stakeholders of the industry.


With proven digital ownership over one's assets and an ecosystem to build and share NFT assets, Inery is well-positioned to take advantage in blockchain game development and the overall metaverse ecosystem.
Inery’s blockchain solution allows users to mint, share, and own NFTs, and provides secure proof of ownership over their NFT assets.


Inery’s decentralized platform to track accountable information with complete transparency and real-time data. Unify data processes across all the stakeholders of the industry including airlines, ticketing, loyalty schemes, etc.
Streamlined data helps improve procedures while relying reliance on third-party.