8.0 Inery Token Utility

Inery Token “INR” is the native utility token of Inery Blockchain which will play the role of governance and provide utilities. INR is necessary to secure and power the decentralized data network. The INR token serves the following distinct purposes:
  • Governance : A right to vote and/or introduce governance proposals pertaining to upgrades in the Inery ecosystem.
  • Validators : Secure the Inery blockchain by staking $INR, validating proofs, relaying transactions, verifying, and finalizing blocks.
  • Access : $INR tokens are used to incentivize actions and engage with products or services within Inery.
  • Staking : Users can stake $INR tokens in staking pools to earn transaction fees and staking rewards.
  • Grants : Inery’s Grants program offers recurring grants disbursed in the native crypto token $INR.
  • Storage : $INR is the unit of exchange to access decentralized storage of IneryDB.