IneryDB Functionalities

Decentralized Application

Inery’s trusted and sustainable foundation allows the deployment of decentralized applications that serve use-cases in a wide range of industries from healthcare to governments and enterprises.

Data management

The platform enables data management by converting the information to a readable form. The flow of data through nodes and memory is bound by value contracts.


The cross-chain architecture facilitates the interoperability of data and transactions whilst maintaining the security of assets.


An in-built functionality of tools for developers to code and deploy applications.

Value Contract

The generation of value contracts pre-define permissions such as the ownership and access of data that ensures trust, transparency and automation in the ecosystem.


Anchors data with a powerful query API to facilitate flexible application development.

Backup Solution

A data cluster consisting of several servers working together gives multiple levels of backup. Inery integrates a free solution for database backup to help businesses protect their data with reserve database copies.

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