5.0 IneryDB

Inery Database
Since blockchain technology was invented, there have been numerous challenges and solutions to the longtime problems that have riddled a larger part of the technological industry. One of those problems that have not been solved completely yet is database management, more concretely – data persistence. As it is common, most of the enterprise databases are kept on smaller or larger server farms, mostly on cloud platforms nowadays, presenting largely cost-ineffective infrastructure that is not completely foolproof to data loss, as technical difficulties are always possible. This requires numerous backups, spending valuable processing power, storage and time in the case of data loss or any other accident. These other accidents can also include security breaches, such as hacking attacks where data is not only prone to loss but also exploitable.
Even though there are encryption algorithms and hash functions that aren’t breakable and not even easily understandable, the constant flux of data and static location of the mentioned cloud servers means they are prone to attacks. Here, concrete data security is not the biggest obstacle since accident and attack cases break most of data persistence.
The difficulty of dealing with this problem is the lack of ability to prevent these cases. The solution presented is Inery blockchain, a completely decentralized database stored on the blockchain, thus providing various management, security and persistence capabilities that mirror those of normal database management systems. IneryDB presents a result and a solution to a long-running problem by presenting itself as a protocol for communication and utilization of Inery blockchain. This provides all possibilities found in common database management systems available to enterprises and common users as such. The core of IneryDB is the portability of its usage through various development technologies while also catering to the users through intuitive and simple interaction. Most of all, key result and innovation that IneryDB provides is the development integration of all advantages of database management on blockchain, thus radically reducing cloud database maintenance costs while providing foolproof security.
In short, Blockchain-ing traditional databases with decentralized, distributed, and immutable functionality for enterprises to integrate their traditional stack, build or run applications, and transform security and management of data.