6.0 Inery Blockchain

Inery's blockchain platform is geared toward decentralized ecosystems and allows interoperability for secure data and asset transfer. The blockchain is powered by a network of numerous nodes scattered across the world to ensure reliability and scalability. It is resistant to attacks, censorship, and network failures.

1. 0 Scalable

The blockchain architecture of Inery solves one of the core challenges of scalability faced by other networks. The high performance of the blockchain network to scale infinitely and meet the global demand is achieved with its inherent design framework. The scalability enables developers to have their applications on other chains in a secure environment.

2.0 High speed and parallel performance

Inery blockchain supports parallel processing to enable high performance and scalability for secure development. Its consensus algorithms ensure higher transaction rates are achieved that can reach up to 4800 per second, with blocks being made every half a second.

3.0 Sybil resistant

Inery’s SDPOS consensus mechanism ensures that it becomes expensive for anyone to attack the network with a Sybil attack. The inherent design ensures defense against Sybil attacks through a high amount of staking requirements of Inery’s consensus algorithm.

4.0 Energy efficient

Unlike other blockchain networks, Inery addresses environmental issues by improving with the consensus algorithms that facilitate a sustainable foundation. The design implementation of Inery allows for an eco-friendly structure without any compromise on the speed, security, and scalability.

5.0 Low cost

Optimizing the experience for developers and enterprises, Inery’s adopts a cost-effective structure that attracts more users to adopt its services. It ensures low transaction and processing costs for engaging with products and services from the Inery ecosystem.

6.0 Tamper-resistant

Every block on Inery’s blockchain is computed with a cryptographic hash function. Its value contracts ensure that the data can only be accessed by users with pre-defined authority. Once data is added to the blockchain, it cannot be tampered with or modified in any way.

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