Inery is the first-ever decentralized database management and blockchain solution. Our vision is to enable a decentralized, secure, and environmentally sustainable foundation of database management to activate an upgradable way of accessing data.
Inery’s ecosystem comprises two core products - IneryDB and Inery blockchain. IneryDB leverages blockchain functionalities to allow a decentralized, secure, low-cost, and immutable way for database management. The database management solution enables users and enterprises to remain in control of their data assets facilitating owner-controlled assets. One of the core characteristics of its reliable architecture is the synchronization of distributed databases in real-time.
The platform integrates a high throughput and scalable blockchain network architecture for the deployment of decentralized applications. To support the next-gen innovation on distributed ledger technology, Inery’s blockchain architecture is designed with features that offer unparalleled speed, cross-chain interoperability, and an environmentally sustainable foundation.
With its solutions of database management and blockchain, Inery activates a new paradigm for data accessibility.